Indian food comes in a tremendous variety - and yet, there is something that can help one tell Indian food items from those of other food items. Perhaps it is our mastery of the art of using spices. However that may be, Indian cuisine is popular all over the world. And it gets one addicted. Thus, you won’t be the first one looking for a Special Indian Thali in Tbilisi. And don’t worry; Sanjha Chulha has you covered.

The word ‘thali’ translates into English as ‘plate’ and refers to an assortment of dishes that are all meant to be consumed in a single meal. A special Thali can have half a dozen food items of all sorts, from appetisers and main courses to sweet dishes.

A Special Indian Thali in Tbilisi should thus have Indian food dishes of all kinds - including breads, basmati rice, dal, Salad, pickles, desserts, etc. There can also be many variations depending on whether one goes for vegetarian or non-vegetarian thalis.

The non-vegetarian thalis may have non-vegetarian food items like Butter Chicken or Mutton RoganJosh, along with some vegetarian food items. And that is what you get with Sanjha Chulha.

What sets Sanjha Chula’s Special Thali can be detailed in three unique features of these thalis. Firstly, our special thali is so designed to make a wholesome, delicious, and yet healthy meal for anyone who chose to eat it.

Secondly, each food item in this most Special Vegetarians Indian Thali in Georgia is a treat in itself and offers a unique enchanting taste. Thirdly, we offer the best Special Indian Thali price in Tbilisi. Let us tell you a bit more about our pricing.

Sanjha Chulha takes pride in offering delicious food at affordable prices. When you check our Special Indian Thali price in Tbilisi, you will find that it is nothing compared to the delights we offer. Moreover, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets available, vegetarian people need not worry about paying for a non-vegetarian main course they won’t be eating, and non-vegetarian people will have two thalis to choose from.

The Special Indian Thali price in Tbilisi also means that you can always visit with your families or friends and order a thali for everyone. Here, it must be noted that our thalis are