As one of the oldest and most diverse civilizations in the world, India has always had one of the richest cuisines in the world. And Indian cuisine has been tremendously popular in Georgia. However, when one looks for an Indian restaurant menu in Tbilisi, one should carefully check to ensure that the menu has all types of food items in it. It goes for the meal menu as well - you need a menu that has the right kind of food variety in all three meals - Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner.

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Our restaurant is also perfectly suited to the needs of our guests - whether it be business negotiations they wish to use it for or as a place to take their family for lunch or dinner.

Our lunch menu is full of food items that will enchant anyone with a taste for Indian food - and much like our other esteemed guests, you will find yourself recommending our restaurants to others. That is just how people fall in love with our food. Our Indian dinner party menu has been widely celebrated for being so rich in food items from diverse parts of the country - and for offering nothing but incredibly delicious non-vegetarian food items. We are thus the perfect venue for birthday parties and other kinds of parties.

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