Traditional Indian Sweets and Drinks: With a New Spin

Chefs aren't only experimenting with new and interesting savoury main courses; they're also coming up with innovative new desserts. Top Indian pastry chefs are pushing their culinary imaginations to the limit by combining unexpected tastes and textures in innovative new sweets. Since the two cultures are coming together more and more, sweets that combine Eastern and Western flavours have become quite trendy. Here we showcase the sweets and beverages like fresh lemon soda that will steal the show at any party, thanks to their unique flavour profiles and presentation. Given people's increasing familiarity with and availability of cuisines from throughout the world, this movement couldn't have come at a better time.

A RasMalai Cake, often known as an Indian Tres Leches Cake

Ras Malai, a traditional wedding cake, will begin. The Ras Malai Cake became a popular dessert choice in 2017. It's like an Indian take on tres leche cake, and it's delicious. To put it simply, a Ras Malai Cake is a cardamom-flavoured cake whose layers have been soaked in "ras". Ras-flavoured whipped cream is used as the frosting, while nuts and dried rose petals are added as a garnish. Just the act of making this cake releases a plethora of exotic aromas and tastes throughout the whole house.

Cheesecake with Gulab Jamun

When it comes to the mithai box, Gulab Jamuns are by far the most popular treat. They're popular all throughout the globe, but nothing can compare to a Gulab Jamun Cheesecake. Layers of jamuns and sugared rose petals soak up the syrup that has been flavoured with cardamom. Cheesecakes are timeless and sophisticated, and topping them with gulab jamuns is the icing on the cake.

Sandwiches made with Parle-G ice cream

Parle-G cookies with a cup of chai in the evening are a universal favourite. You may now try them with your favourite frozen dessert! One side of each biscuit should be spread with fruit- flavoured jam. Spread the biscuits with jam, then top with a dollop of delicious ice cream. If you want to spice up your ice cream sandwich, try rolling it in some crushed nuts.

Take Some Paan Shots

The paan is a traditional Indian snack that you have likely seen your grandparents and great- grandparents enjoy. Paan, a chewing tobacco made from areca nuts and betel leaves, is popular in Southeast Asia. Paan, rose gulkand, spices, and ice cream come together in a delicious way to create a paan shot. It's so smooth and flavourful that it almost melts on your tongue.

Golden Milk with Ground Turmeric

A piping hot milk beverage flavoured with fragrant turmeric powder and spices. It's a great replacement for coffee, and it has some miraculous life-extension properties, too. To make this beverage, just combine the powdered ingredients in a blender: milk, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, black pepper, and a sprinkle of black pepper to taste. Then, reheat it in a saucepan until hot. Want to create a Turmeric Latte right now? For the complete, mouthwatering recipe, click here.

The aforementioned desserts with vegetarian starters Indian are some of the most popular options in fine dining Indo-fusion establishments. Some more popular options include Masala chai gelato, Kashmiri chai cupcakes, Masala chai macarons, and Gajar Ka halwa rolls.