The Top Ten Dishes from The Cuisine of North India

North Indian food is an excellent mash-up of flavours and variety to the point that every area has something unique to offer, from hot curries to flawlessly scorched Tandoori Chicken with slow-cooked Lamb Rogan Josh and crispy Bhaturas topped with Chole. Below are the top 10 North Indian dishes you will find in an best Indian restaurant that is appreciated by food enthusiasts all around the globe, in case you share their passion for the cuisine.

Butter Chicken

One of the world's most well-liked North Indian cuisines, butter chicken, is renowned for its distinctively creamy and velvety texture. This tomato-based, cashew nut paste-based makhani curry is made with tandoori chicken and is a superb medley of spices cooked using copious amounts of butter & fresh cream.

Laal Maas

Laal maas, one of Rajasthan's most well-known meals, is made using red meat, as the name indicates. The delectable red curry is produced with a mixture of curd, herbs, & spices, including Red Mathania chili, and is often cooked with mutton. Rice & Bajra Roti are served hot. You must try a delicious meal!

Chole Bhature

Both in Punjab and Delhi, chole bhature is a well-known street snack. One of the most well-known morning dishes in North India, steaming hot chole is offered with soft & crispy bhaturas and is made with a robust mixture of chickpeas that have been spiced and flavoured with spices and herbs.

Rogan Josh Mutton

This traditional Kashmiri dish is prepared with flavourful herbs and spices. With fried rice pulao, the mutton curry is slowly prepared. Slow cooking provides this meal with an alluring texture, and delicate mutton is prepared with spices to maintain the body's warmth.

Paneer Tikka

This meal will make you reconsider your perception of North Indian food if you previously believed it was limited to red, spicier curries and bhaturas steeped in oil. Made only with the benefits of spinach, a fantastic source of iron, paneer merely enhances the flavour of the delectable curry. Usually, a great lunch or supper pleasure, palak paneer is cooked perfectly over Matar pulao.

Rajma Chawal

One dish from North India is cooked in every home: rajma chawal. This meal is made using kidney beans & served with steaming rice & salad, and it is prepared in a masala sauce made from onion, spices, tomatoes, and herbs. The curry is the ideal lunch or supper dish since it is creamy & spice-rich.


Rice flour, sugar, milk, and dried fruits make this traditional sweet dessert. Phirni is a sweets delicacy from North India that is made for special occasions & served in a clay kulhad, which provides it with an authentic look and enhances the flavour!


Kheer is another well-known North Indian sweet dish made with fragrant spices, including saffron & cardamom, and cooked with cream, milk, rice, & sugar. Therefore, if you also have a sweet craving, you will undoubtedly like the alluring flavour and creamy consistency of dry fruit-loaded rice kheer.

Dahi Bhalla

Due to the effect of the climate, the curd is a common ingredient in North Indian cuisine. A Dahi Bhalla, a delicious combination of smooth dal vadas covered with curd, tamarind, spices, & young coriander leaves, is a well-known North Indian delicacy. A delightful summer meal is served in practically every home.

Dal Baati

The intricate recipe makes Dal Baati, a North Indian delicacy, renowned! Due to its Rajasthani origins, it is a well-known Rajasthani vegetarian thali meal available in all North Indian provinces. The dal comprises five different dals (lentils), including tuvar dal, moth dal, chana dal, and urad dal. In contrast, the Baati are tiny wheat flour balls baked in an electric oven. If you haven't tasted it yet, you must since it is a wealthy meal!

It's interesting to note that Indian cuisines, which spans the regions of Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Delhi, demonstrates the long-standing culinary traditions and the way these delicacies are becoming beloved around the globe for their amazing spice content and flavour.

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