Must Try Indian Dishes at an Indian Restaurant

Food is like a paradise for so many people. If you are someone that loves food, then you must give a shot at Indian food for once. It is sure that once you will have Indian food, your mind will be blown up with authentic flavors of food. Sanjha Chulha restaurant is one such restaurant where you must come and have the best experience of Indian food of all time. There is a lot of variety of Indian goods that you can easily find here. You get a lot of options in starters, main courses, and even desserts.

Here are some of the must-try dishes from this restaurant which are stated below:

? Pakoras: India is the land of different flavors. If you are someone that likes the mix of hot and tangy flavors then you must try the different types of pakoras available in the restaurant. Sanjha Chulha has some paneer pakoras, potato pakoras, onion pakoras, and even mixed vegetable pakoras which are served with sweet and tangy mint chutney. People who will love pakoras will also try Samosa which is a triangle shaped pakora with potato filling in it.

? Paneer tikka and chicken tikka: If you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you must give a shot of paneer tikka and chicken tikka accordingly. This is one such dish that has a lot of flavors along with the smoky essence that can uplift the mood of having this dish. You will be amazed at the richness and unique cooking method that provides such a delicious dish at the end.

? Dal makhani: For ages, one dish that has always been close to the heart of people around the world is Dal makhani. It is the black lentils that are cooked at a very slow pace and the way authentic tadka is put in the dal will just amplify the taste of this dal. Mostly this dal is served with different types of bread available in the restaurant. This is one such dosh that you must try no matter where ever you are.

? Biryani: For all the people who love rice, there is a special Indian dish for rice lovers: Biryani. Nowadays biryani is available in both beg and non-veg form. For your convenience, you can have the type of biryani. This has a lot of flavors in it that will meet up all the desires of the taste buds that you have.

? Gulab jamun: For all sweet lovers, one authentic Indian cuisine that is must try is gulab jamun. It is mostly served in the hot form and many people like to enjoy it with ice creams. It is made from milk and flour and soaked in sugar water.

All these dishes are some of the most common dishes that people like to have whenever they visit the best Indian food. Make your research and look for the best places to eat in Tbilisi to have Indian food. Surely, your search will end upon Sanjha Chulha only.