Know The History About Chulha

In almost every Indian kitchen, there used to be chulha made from mud that was used for preparing food. Most people used to make this mud chulha from their hands and keep it in sunlight to dry it completely. Till now in the most exotic villages in India, you will easily find chulha being used for preparing food. According to sources, Indian people used to believe that cooking food on chulha will enhance the flavor of the food. Even in today’s time, you will find some authentic Indian food restaurant have this chulha in their kitchen on which they cook some authentic dishes for that pure flavor.

Earlier when the gas system was not there, clay stoves or chulha were the most economical way to make food but it was not very environment friendly. Just to use this chulha, people needed a lot of wood to be blown up to give warmth in the cooking process. For a better and quicker way, many people shifted from chulha to cooking gas stoves. Many of the dishes now like dal makhani, chicken tikka masala, biryani, etc are prepared on chulha because it is one of the best ways to retain its great flavors.

Having Indian food is a whole new experience for all those people who love food. Here are some of the reasons to try Indian food cooked on chulha especially. Let’s have a look at them.

? Always freshly prepared: The best part about Indian food and traditions is that it is always prepared fresh. Even in restaurants that serve the best dishes to all their customers, every day they prepare a certain quantity of food and serve it to all the customers. Dishes like dal makhani are specifically prepared on chulha every day just to enhance the smoky effect in the dal.

? Have authentic flavors and cooking methods: Indian food is prepared with the help of unique Indian cooking methods. Cooking food on chulha is one of the traditions which is followed till now for the best results. The way of cooking food on chulha will maintain the authentic flavors in the food. These flavors are liked so much and help this food to stand out differently.

? Great nutrition value: Indian food is prepared by using different types of spices, vegetables, etc all these are having some nutritional value. Once you have them you will be not only amazed by the taste but it will give your body enough nutrients which are quite great for the person in the long run.

So if you love Indian cuisine and want to try out cooking it, you can buy a chulha which is a great way of cooking Indian food. It will only take some wood, cow dung, or charcoal to lighten up to use the chulha appropriately. Many Indian restaurants have been using the Chulha to maintain the great flavor of the food intake for a long time. The experience of having Indian food is very wholesome so you must try it for once.