At first, you need to know what a side dish is and then you can know how to make one. So, a side dish can be there with you as an additional dish along with your appetizer. Nowadays, vegans and other vegetarians from all over the world prefer Indian food. From paratha to biryani, the side dish plays a significant role. If you are searching for an excellent Indian restaurant with an authentic choice of side dishes, you can find it in an Indian restaurant in Tbilisi. They can offer you a wide range of options on your side dishes.

Now, you will see the various kinds of sides a food provider can offer you.

• Chutney and Sauce: You might have seen that when you order kebabs in an Indian restaurant, they bring your order with an additional side dish, green chutney. Such dishes can be treated as sides which can boost the overall flavor of a particular dish you are having. Side dishes like green chutney, raita, tartar sauce, and mixed pickle can be treated as an ultimatum in the section of such sides. The taste of all these items is heavenly, especially if we talk about green chutney and tartar sauce. Most human beings prefer it. You can have these items when ordering a full course appetizer or main courses. These items will enlighten the tastes of other things that you would be calling.

• The section of bread: Several bread dishes can be treated as side dishes. Such dishes enrich the flavors of what you have along with the sides. Say, for example, you can serve garlic naan with a flavorsome Indian curry. Other types of bread like lachha paratha, tandoori roti, Missi roti, and many more can be a delicious side dish for your appetizer. Do not miss the chance to order your side dishes in the form of bread when going to an Indian restaurant to have a heartily pleasuring meal.

• Rice: Now, not all will agree, but rice is also a side dish that not many people know about. Jeera rice, regular steamed rice, and many more are side dishes with a lot of flavoring running by your mouth when added to various curries or main courses. It is advisable to get rice as your side dish whenever visiting an Indian restaurant for the first time. You will only understand how blissful these side dishes are when eaten with a correct and soothing food item.


Are the names of the side dishes making you hungry? What then prevents you from dining at the top Indian restaurants in Tbilisi? However, before visiting a restaurant, don't forget to read its reviews to get an idea of its cuisine and service. Taste the authentic flavors of such food items and blissful side dishes to order in an Indian restaurant.