5 Indian non-vegetarian appetizers you must try in Georgia

Most individuals want to ring in the New Year with their family and friends and end it on a high note. A lot of us enjoy throwing house parties where we wind up inviting the majority of our relatives and friends. If you're having a party, it's crucial to have your meal planned. A little preparation may go a long way. Most visitors, especially children, eat all of the starters and appetizers before ever considering the main course.

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of non-vegetarian appetizers from both India and the European continent. The number of guests and their tastes are two factors you should take into account. For whatever you need, plan ahead and shop. Make preparations in advance to avoid having to rush on the celebration day. If there are youngsters present, you should consider offering less spicy appetizers that the kids will enjoy.

It's always a good idea to serve some vegetarian appetizers along with some meat and seafood starters. Look at Make Your New Year as well as Party Tasty with These Appetizers and Fruit smoothie if you're seeking vegetarian appetizers. Try out these delectable non-vegetarian appetizers to impress your guests.

Chicken tikka masala

When presented at a gathering, tikka dishes are delectable and scrumptious appetizers that never fail to win over the crowd. Since cheese and fresh cream are both utilized in the recipe, Cheesy Chicken Tikka masala is unquestionably on the decadent side of things. For your house parties, you might prepare this as one of the appetizers.

Due to the inclusion of cream, the flavour and texture of the Cheesy Chicken Tikkas lend richness to the dish.

For your house gatherings, serve Smoked Tandoori Paneer Tikka Recipe along with a dip like Pudina Dahi Chutney and other appetizers.

Gola Kabab

Mutton (lamb meat) is used to make Gola Kabab, which can be enjoyed as a side dish with a vegetarian meal. This recipe can be used for a variety of purposes, making it ideal for use as finger food (starters) at a gathering. It hardly takes 30 minutes to serve gola kebabs or mutton meatballs because they are so simple to prepare. The pork balls don't increase the calorie count because they are pan-roasted with little oil. Do not be concerned about the leftovers; they can be wrapped in parathas and taken in a lunchbox.

At your house parties, serve Gola Kabab with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney as a side dish or an appetizer. Available in most restaurants in Tbilisi.

Tandoori chicken

One of the most flavourful hot chicken, in my opinion, is tandoori. There are a variety of flavours and spices used in tandoori cuisine. Not to mention the lengthy process of roasting and blending the spices for the tandoori spice mix! This fresh Tandoori Mayonnaise will come to your aid if you suddenly get a taste of chicken tandoori.

To enhance the flavours and give the chicken a delicious tandoori flavour, simply add mayonnaise. It will definitely revitalize your palate.

Butter Chicken Pani Puri

A delicious recipe for Butter Chicken Pani Puri was created by fusing two popular foods in India: Pani Puri and the rich, creamy, succulent chunks of Butter Chicken!

It will be absolutely delightful to bite into a crisp Pani Puri ka puri accompanied with crispy onion rings and a calming mint yoghurt dip and get a flavour blast of the butter chicken.

Chicken Keema Sliders

The simple-to-make Indian Chicken Keema Sliders are a delicious party appetizer. Depending on how fresh the buns are, the Keema can be prepared the day before.

Just before the guests come, you may toast them with butter, slice them, and spoon the Keema, allowing you to enjoy the celebration with your hands-free.

These are excellent for huge crowds in particular. These Chicken Keema Sliders, in my view, make the perfect make-ahead Indian Party Appetizer.


We hope that by looking at the way it is plated with amazing toppings and seasonings to offer a magnificent look and feel, you have an understanding of the numerous appetizers that improve the taste and create a divine experience.